Presenting a simple and effective way to
produce and export expense claim documents
Our web-based application is free and easy to use

Simplified creation of expenses documents will assist with data entry and checking for out-of-pocket expenses claimed by employees, directors, contractors and volunteers. The web-based application is easy to learn and use.

Once entered the individual expense records can be exported to PDF or CSV for forwarding to the accounts or HR department, or printing and sending with receipts if that is preferred. When combined with others where you work, the end result is a powerful and efficient way to get expenses claims handled.

What Does Do?

Here's a really short list. There are features to make entering data easy and less repetitive, with options for the output. It's designed to be as straightforward as possible (and still get the job done, of course).

Record Your Data
Enter your expenses with recurring records saved as favourites, select the right category and give supplementary details.
Manages Your Vehicles
Provide details of cars or vans and the mileage rates that apply, quickly switching between them when entering data.
Totals and Summaries
See current and historic totals by category and period, graphs provide a visual snapshot of entered data.
Send to Accounts/HR
Completed expense claim documents can be sent for authorisation and payment with clear, consistent presentation.

For more details, see Manage Your Expenses or Expenses Explained.

How to Get Started

Sign up for a free account and enter some expenses     When complete, review and submit your documents     Keep using it and the history helps data entry

Although it's all easy, should you need assistance, help and support is available.

Spread the Word

Tell your colleagues, friends, family, accounts department and HR department about as they may find it useful (and notice that it's free). Send a link.